Why your Biography is your Biology?

Who Is Dr. Paul Epstein?
An experienced Physician, Speaker and Teacher

As a doctor, Dr. Epstein is PASSIONATE TO HELP HIS PATIENTS find an authentic and lasting cure. As a Speaker and Teacher, he appears around the world to help those seeking the “healing formula” and effectively deal with their problems.

He is a graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM); He specializes in mind-body integrative medicine and conscious healing. Illuminate, inspire and explain the concept of medicine of the mind and body, stress on health and disease. Explain how our biography becomes biology and how to use it as self-healing.

Video 1, Duration 5.12 minutes – Unlocked
Video 2, Duration 5.12 minutes – Locked
Video 3, Duration 5.12 minutes – Locked
Video 4, Duration 5.12 minutes – Locked